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Energetics Technology Ltd – experts in energetic materials, blast mitigation and protection against explosion. Drawing on years of expertise in the science of explosion and blast, it is our mission to design, test and manufacture blast mitigation solutions to help protect people and assets against explosive threats and to help maintain business operational continuity.

Through our understanding of blast and explosive threats from letter bombs, IED and military ordnance we supply an established range of blast mitigation solutions based on our knowledge of advanced composite materials, engineering and our expertise in the physics of blast. SABREMAT composite technology is integral to all our well-established products giving the possibility to absorb and attenuate the lethal effects of explosions.

Extremely versatile SABREMAT technology covers a wide range of solutions ranging from Bomb Containment and Blast Resistant Litter Bins, Ready Use Munitions Containment Units.

All of our products are put through the most rigorous design, manufacturing and quality control procedures and scientifically tested to comply with UN Regulations.

Our bespoke design service caters for those unique blast threats where a standard solution may not apply. If your business is facing a blast threat, contact our technical team today to find a solution.

We provide a full service to design, commission, conduct and report any blast testing requirement needed to validate a blast protection system.

Call us on +44 (0)1283 732 339 to discuss your blast testing requirement.

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